The 2017 ChangingAging Tour:

Blending medical science, storytelling and live music The ChangingAging Tour shatters our culture's damaging myths about aging.

“This is a beautiful evening that fills one with hope and excitement for the future.”

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The ChangingAging Tour
San Jose, CA

April 5, 2017  (schedule below)

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The ChangingAging Tour is a non-fiction theater experience barnstorming the country in a rock n’ roll tour bus to bring communities together around a new and highly disruptive understanding of aging. Join Dr. Bill Thomas and friends for a day of inspiration, music and education.

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Schedule of Events

Disrupt Dementia - ChangingAging Tour

Disrupt Dementia 2:30-4:30pm

This immersive and transformational non-fiction theater experience weaves film, music and first-person stories with groundbreaking research turning convention on its head by focusing on what we can all learn from people living with dementia, rather than from experts. This performance is designed for people living with dementia and their allies.

The Lobby Experience - ChangingAging Tour

Lobby Experience 4:30-5:30pm

In the lobby Dr. Bill Thomas and his friends have created an interactive experience for you to engage with the ideas presented in the afternoon performance, get plugged in with local culture changers’ and connect with others in your community.

Life's Most Dangerous Game - ChangingAging Tour

Life's Most Dangerous Game 7-8:30pm

Dr. Thomas’ signature “non-fiction” theatrical performance features original music, storytelling, poetry and groundbreaking insights on aging and care. Featuring musical guest Nate Silas Richardson.

We are proud to show off our talented 2017 line-up!

Dr. Bill Thomas - Headshot

Dr. Bill Thomas

Dr. Jennifer Carson - Headshot

Dr. Jennifer Carson

Samite Mulondo - Headshot

Samite Mulondo

Nate Silas Richardson - Headshot

Nate Silas Richardson

Kyrié Carpenter - Headshot

Kyrié Carpenter

Namarah McCall - Headshot

Namarah McCall

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138 people are attending San Jose, CA

  • Holly Blue Hawkins
  • Paul Pitlick
  • Rosemary Mason
  • Samuel Orme
  • Margie Halsell
  • Janice Mancuso
  • Rebecca Turner
  • Caroline Haas
  • Dima Khoury
  • Jennifer Burkett
  • Elizabeth Landsverk
  • John Peichoto
  • luella isaacs
  • Berdi Oshidari
  • Randi Bethel
  • Sadhna Diwan
  • Maryam Qamar
  • Tatiana Trindade
  • Julia Drummond
  • Nidhi Mahendra
  • Monica Chenglo
  • Richard Adler
  • Marsha Adler
  • Teresa Totte
  • Hannah Song
  • Quyen Vuong
  • Theresa Marchok
  • Betty Spilker
  • Lynn Knudsen
  • Judy Giraudo
  • Sandy Birch
  • Linda Franks
  • Marilou Cristina
  • Samuel Picraux
  • Cynthia Nakayama
  • Vanessa Merlano
  • Katherine West
  • Kenneth Durso
  • Kenneth Bruce
  • Holly Zargham
  • Ray Blockie
  • Susan Fowle
  • Megan Sadou
  • Susan Lewis
  • Connie Springer
  • Wesley Cheng
  • Cathy Stonie
  • Kathleen Eagan
  • Linda Aronson
  • Jessica Huckabay
  • alba sherin
  • james ramoni
  • Gwynne MacKay
  • Lalitha Amarasuriya
  • Valerie Smith
  • Swamini Bajpai
  • Saroj Bajpai
  • Matthew Breaux
  • John Milios
  • Susan Kerr
  • Joel Bethke
  • Monika Ifah
  • Angela DiBernardo
  • Janet Seamons
  • Holly Zargham
  • Patty Melenudo
  • Guyonna McCullough
  • Sonali Parnami
  • Lynh Ngo
  • Heather Lerner
  • aster estradamosqueda
  • mary o'meara
  • Misrak Demilew
  • Cindy Thomas
  • Charlie Bullock
  • Connie Amaya
  • Diana Nguy
  • Eimi Okano
  • Gayle Teal
  • Michelle Delk
  • Cynthia Rodriguez
  • Juan Magana
  • Emily Farber
  • Paula Wolfson
  • John McCluggage
  • linda moyano
  • Barbara Moran
  • Jennifer Yoshimura
  • sheryl savage
  • Heesun Kim
  • Amy Chan
  • Rebecca LaBree
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  • Tracey Gott
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