The 2018 ChangingAging Tour:

Blending medical science, storytelling and live music The ChangingAging Tour shatters our culture's damaging myths about aging.

“This is a beautiful evening that fills one with hope and excitement for the future.”

Coming to Atlanta 5/5/2018
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Reno Lunch

Dr. Bill Thomas invites you to join him for lunch and a facilitated discussion that explores new ideas, practices, and models that can help local communities transform the experience of aging. The goal is to connect community leaders to each other and to new ideas and approaches that are “changing aging.”

Who's Attending

19 people are attending Reno Lunch

  • Denise Hund
  • Jill Berntson
  • Heather Haslem
  • Jacob R. Harmon
  • Kelley Macmillan
  • Theresa Cooke
  • Patti Swager
  • Jeff Doucet
  • Cheyenne Pasquale
  • Jeff Duncan
  • Jennifer Baker
  • Mary Brock
  • Dolores Ward Cox
  • Jim Cox
  • Sina Ward
  • Amy Dewitt-Smith
  • Diane Ross
  • Mary Liveratti