Get Your Tribes of Eden Questions Answered

What Tribes of Eden questions do you have for author William H. Thomas? Wondering what’s it all about? What causes “the Fall”? What is “The GRID”? How can trust be more powerful than fear in a post-apocalyptic world? What is the Eden Underground and how do I join?

Submit your question now to be answered during the exclusive live stream video Virtual Book Launch Party, Wednesday, April 4 at 3 p.m. EST. You can post questions in the comments section below, on the Tribes of Eden Facebook Page or Tweet them to @TribesofEden. In addition, the first 100 registered Virtual Book Launch participants will have the opportunity to talk to Dr. Bill in person via webinar uplink during the party. Please have your questions ready and we’ll call on you during the event.

Broadcast live at from the author’s home in Ithaca, N.Y., the Tribes of Eden virtual book launch party will by joined by participants from the global Eden Alternative nonprofit network, from adopters of The Green House Project across the U.S. and fans, bloggers and readers of the Blogstream multi-blog network.

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