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At ChangingAging™ we believe there is potential for growth and development no matter your age or condition, so we’re always looking for stories, videos and photos from people celebrating the aging experience. We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds to submit questions about aging or caregiving, personal stories or guest blogposts, especially if it helps shed light on what comes after adulthood. Are you changing aging? Tell us about it!

Please note: We will NOT accept guestposts hawking commercial anti-aging products or from SEO marketing companies. We reserve the right  to mock anti-aging quackery.


  • Second Wind: We’re looking for personal stories about catching a “Second Wind” in life, work and community. Author’s of published posts will receive a ticket to a Second Wind Tour Live Event.
  • JOURNEYS: We need your stories to change aging. What’s it really like getting old? We welcome stories from people of all ages (we are all growing!) but in particular from those who are exploring the uncharted waters of “Not-Adulthood”. Do we have any Crones reading this? Any Sages? We need to hear from you.
  • QUESTIONS: The most common questions we get are about aging and caregiving. No audience knows more about these topics than ours. Let our community answer your questions.
  • INNOVATIONS: How is technology, science, culture, art and philosophy changing the way we age and take care of each other? We’re interested in everything from the latest gadgets to breakthrough trends in caregiving.
  • PHOTOS: What does Senescence look like? Send us your pictures.
  • VIDEOS: Show us your stories and send us good links from the YouTubes.


  • Anti-Aging products, pills, quackery or snakeoil.
  • No fad dieting, vitamins or rejuvenation tips either. Eating healthy and exercising is called common sense, so you better have something new to say about it.
  • Strictly self-promoting content or sales pitches.
  • Copyrighted material (owned by other than yourself).


  • Posts should be 500-1000 words.
  • You retain full ownership of any work you submit to us.
  • By submitting your work to ChangingAging you grant your consent to let us publish it. You also consent to let us edit it for length or style.
  • We can’t respond to all submissions but we will do our best. You can always share your thoughts instantly by Commenting on any story.
  • ChangingAging is strictly PRO-AGING. We are not interested in products, pills, diets or workouts to make us “look 10 years younger.”

Potential reasons for post rejection:

  • Dull, negative, inflammatory or overly judgmental posts
  • Personal or revealing family issues without consent of family members
  • Sensitive medical or mental health issues that pose liability or privacy concerns
  • Similarity to recently published content
  • SEO marketing firm or writer representing anti-aging products or sites.

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