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1. Are you Changing Aging? Sign up for a ChangingAging blog. It only takes a minute — get a free DIY blog, submit an existing blog or choose a custom blog to fit your organization and existing website. Learn why blogging is important here.

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2. New to blogging or looking to reach a broader audience? The ChangingAging Blogstream is designed to maximize the blogging potential of organizations seeking to Change Aging. Keeping a blog requires fresh, interesting content every day, but not everyone feels like they have a unique message for readers every day. Membership in the ChangingAging Blogstream gives you access to professional social media skill building and a constant stream of fresh blog content to help you keep your audiences engaged. Learn more here.

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3. Make sure your ChangingAging Blogstream experience is at least as good as roller skating for the first time. We want you to enjoy looking a little bit funny and addict you to the rush of connecting with thousands of like-minded people.

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We all know the only way to Change Aging is to join forces in the social media revolution. But getting started can be daunting — how do you navigate all those buttons, widgets and endlessly evolving social networks?

The answer is to keep it simple. Join the ChangingAging Blogstream.

In the old days traditional media gatekeepers controlled the channels and presented a uniform declinist view on aging. Now, using blogs we can create our own pro-aging social media messages, comments, videos and pictures and share them with people who care about changing aging.

You can do this on your own, like hundreds of millions of other bloggers.

Or, you can blog on the ChangingAging Blogstream. You get strength in numbers. Access to a steady flow of social media content. Built in social networking, skill building opportunities and support from professional bloggers.

If you’ve read this far, you must be interested in changing aging too. Join Us to Get Started