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I don’t usually make a big deal out of New Years but this year it coincided with some big changes for the blog worth highlighting to our readers in a special New Year’s sneak preview.

This week ChangingAging debuted an updated homepage and we will begin launching — with your help — some major new features designed to put you and your stories at the center of the ChangingAging universe. In particular, we want to hear from readers about their Journeys in aging (no matter what age) and we want to provide a platform for readers to ask their Questions about Aging and Caregiving that will allow the ChangingAging community to provide answers, advice and wisdom.

Dr. Bill Thomas will curate the questions and the stories shared in our new Journeys section. Our hope is that these features will allow us to tap into and showcase the unparalleled experience and collective wisdom of our readership.

We’ve been working on these features for several months but the update coincides with a really nice profile of me published by Provider Magazine this week that focused (not coincidentally) on my passion for storytelling.

Everything we are doing depends on compelling story telling — changing the way people think about aging, combating ageism, building a new and positive old age through culture change — none of this will happen unless we show the world what is possible through stories.

Our first effort to support pro-aging storytelling was to launch the ChangingAging Blogstream, which connects dozens of pro-aging blogs into one network and features their news feeds on ChangingAging. We also converted ChangingAging into a multi-blog WordPress platform that allowed users and organizations to signup to create their own free blog.

To complement our efforts to promote pro-aging stories through the Blogstream our next push is to showcase your stories on ChangingAging. We will really depend on our loyal readers to help us launch these new features — we need to hear about your Journeys and your Questions.

Our new Submissions page is now live and ready to accept your stories and questions.

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  1. Helene
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    Wow! I love the site and the upcoming changes!

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