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Through no fault of his own, Bruce is a baby boomer. He has navigated a career that includes journalism, military service, an advanced business degree, market research and geriatric care management.

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  1. Rich Olson
    Rich Olson at | | Reply

    Great description of an underreported problem! What to do about it in the current climate of inaction and gridlock? I agree with your suggestions, but it’s hard to be optimistic that Republicans will ever do anything to help.

  2. Letty. Watt
    Letty. Watt at | | Reply

    From one Boomer to another, what you write is very scary and very real. Guess I’ll keep exercising and eating healthy food in hopes that my brain cells and ego don’t fall victim to future scammers. I get some real “colorful” remarks on my blog site from “unknown” sources. Be wary.

  3. Larry Fischer
    Larry Fischer at | | Reply

    Me, I’m and individualist. We have too much nanny government now, why ask for more. There will always be ways to lose money–nothing new–old or young. Every minor personal detail of life make the evening news…???!!! So, it is just publicized more. Offspring should be the main puller to monitor finances for the ‘geezers’. No offspring, ask a friend or just do what you want to do. No one makes it out of this world alive, and the humbling item surrounding that issue is after 50 years, absolutely no one will know I/we even existed… well, maybe 75 years.

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