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    Hello, I’m an AGNG 200 student at the Erickson School of Aging and I found this post very intriguing. Not only are the Culture Change conferences helping to promote diversity and unity but it’s also getting older people involved. The fact that they’ve been able to implement their desire of having salt on dinner tables shows they’re getting a bit of their personal preferences back. In my AGNG class we’ve learned that when elderly people in nursing homes are able to choose what they’d like to eat (or in this case if they want salt) it helps them regain a bit of control over their lives again. It also surprised me (pleasantly) that children would interact and spend time with the different elders who lived at the homes. Knowing that this had a positive impact among the aging made me happy and I realized that if we all begin to appreciate and love on people knowing everyone’s time is short then our culture would definitely change for the better.

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