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Bill is a visionary leader in the online Changing Aging movement and a world-renowned authority on geriatric medicine and eldercare. Bill is founder of two movements to reshape long-term care globally – The Eden Alternative and Green House Project.

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  1. Kathryn Miller
    Kathryn Miller at | | Reply

    I had the privilege of working with Bill Thomas in the mid-to late 90’s at several Eden Alternative facilities in the Utica, New York area. His visions and execution of the project facilitates a better quality of life for the aging adults. He was just beginning the Green House Project, and that too seemed to be a magnificent vision for the future of elder care. I have since moved to Charlotte, NC and have not been able to find a job in Geriatrics, but have been working with Palliative Care patients and recently accepted an Oncology position. I hope that I can use the skills I have learned through Bill to help improve the quality of life to those elders with cancer and other disease associated problems. Bill I thank you for teaching and executing your vision. Congratulations with the success of both projects.

  2. Meredith Ann Rutter (@yoursinbooks)
    Meredith Ann Rutter (@yoursinbooks) at | | Reply

    Very exciting, Bill. And only 28 states to go… HOOrah! (not that I’m a Marine, but I know some)

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