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Ruth Tamari is the author of Life Changes, a blog exploring universal life events and changes and our unique perspectives and experiences with career, health and life transitions. It’s about our human-ness, courage, and creativity during LIFE CHANGES and as Life Changes.

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  1. Juliet
    Juliet at | | Reply

    I’m all for defiance and flamboyance, but the people I interviewed for my book ‘Spirited Ageing’ spoke also of the need for acceptance, and to be gentle with themselves. Their comments are in Chapter One, on The Body.

  2. Paula
    Paula at | | Reply

    Why can’t you find out? Contact Jenny Joseph and see what her aging has been like. Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. jsingah
    jsingah at | | Reply

    Thank you Ruth. As a fairly new grandmother and semi-retired from my primary career, I am experiencing the joys of becoming an old woman. Let’s keep searching and sharing this journey together.

  4. Chris Kay Fraser
    Chris Kay Fraser at | | Reply

    Thank you Ruth! This is a wonderful, lively poem that brought a spring to my step.

  5. Madeleine Kolb
    Madeleine Kolb at | | Reply

    Actually, I don’t have to imagine it. I am old. Four years ago, I stopped dyeing my hair, and now it’s white. I think it looks great. I think I haven’t changed so much since I was middle-aged. What’s changed is the way many people react to me. Some of them assume I’m not technically competent or that I don’t know what I’m talking about. It gets tedious.

    1. Kavan Peterson, Editor,
      Kavan Peterson, Editor, at | | Reply

      Yes that makes so much sense. Dyeing your hair helps retain competency. Nothing saps the intellects like going grey. Welcome to Bizarro World.

      1. Madeleine Kolb
        Madeleine Kolb at | | Reply

        Thanks, Kavan. I knew you’d understand.

    2. Patricia Whitney-Jones
      Patricia Whitney-Jones at | | Reply

      I turn 70 today!!! My husband is taking me to one of our favorite restaurants. AND I’m going to wear purple and red to celebrate!!! I think turning 70 deserves a celebration. My hair had turned white and I love it. My competency has nothing to do with my hair. I have had multiple strokes so….can’t do a lot of things I use to do.

      1. rosemary weston
        rosemary weston at | | Reply

        i have heard that the part of the brain that contains what is commonly referred to as wisdom, continues to grow. it is too bad that our younger adults don’t understand this when they see the physical deterioration and maybe the lose of short term memory. and they don’t understand that as an elder, i am not prisoner to the opinions of others. i can wear a purple coat and red hat if i like! maybe that adds to the illusion that i am just a crazy old woman, but it is an illusion. i would say to the next generation: treat us with respect and as individuals. strive to be like us and not hide your true self away.

        silver grey and snow white hair are beautiful. i wish my hair would hurry up and turn completely!

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