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Virgil Thomas is the Technical Support Guide with the Eden Alternative. His focus is on social media outreach and connecting a generation of culture change advocates. A recent graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore County, he earned a degree in Political Science with a focus in Political Philosophy. As son of Dr. Bill Thomas, Virgil grew up around the Eden Alternative and the culture change movement. Since his freshmen year of college, Virgil has been active in the blogospher, writing for a student-run blog, He has been a contributor to since 2010. When he is not at work Virgil practices Martial Arts and enjoys time with his two German Shepherds, Carter and Valor.

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  1. Mary Kim Smith
    Mary Kim Smith at | | Reply

    Thank you Virgil. You have helped to remind all of us who have been in this battle for 10, 20, or more years now that there are some amazing people preparing to pick up the banner. It seems like yesterday that Chris Cheek and Maureen Morley from our group here in Mississippi attended the First International Eden Conference. Now we are also beginning to look to the next generation to join us in this world changing battle.The future is looking brighter. MK, Mississippi

  2. Sally Hopkins
    Sally Hopkins at | | Reply

    Hi Virgil, great commentary and thank you for your insights….as the baton is passed on to the next generations it reminds us all that we are a part of the solution for people aging in a dignified, humanistic manner. Younger people need to hear your voice more often.

  3. Lisa Kendall
    Lisa Kendall at | | Reply

    Thank you for your post, Virgil! As an “aging service professional” for the last thirty years, I’ve also watched the culture change movement and your Dad’s amazing influence on how society views aging and Elderhood. In addition to my work as an Eden Educator, I have the privilege of teaching the “Fieldwork in Gerontology” course at Ithaca College, so I especially appreciate your insights as a younger adult. Anything I can learn from you and from my students that will help me support their exploration of a career working with Elders is especially helpful. I use “What are Old People for?” as one of the texts, and have received permission from The Eden Alternative to use other materials as well; the students get a rich explosure to the philosophy of The Eden Alternative and culture change. I look forward to hearing more from your perspective; thanks again!

  4. Meredith Rutter
    Meredith Rutter at | | Reply

    Nice insight to read from your particular point of view. I, too, enjoyed reading about Kavan Peterson’s background. Your posting has highlighted one of the benefits of creating articles like the Providers’ people to watch, namely, enticing/encouraging younger people to follow suit, if they’re so inclined. To empower.

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