The GREEN HOUSE® Project Announces New Director


ARLINGTON, VA. — David Farrell, M.S.W., L.N.H.A., a prominent, tireless, and lifelong advocate for improving the quality and changing the culture of long-term care, has been named director of The Green House Project.

Farrell enters as the organization celebrates its 10th anniversary and moves to spread its model for long-term care that looks and feels like a real home. He brings decades of hands-on healthcare leadership experience in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, and has catalyzed quality improvement and person-centered care on local, state, and national levels.

“The Green House model is a visionary way to deliver the kind of high-quality and personalized care that we all want for ourselves and the people we love,” said Farrell. “The model’s approach to preserving personal dignity, combined with a solid business and clinical case, is what makes this such an exciting opportunity for me.”

The Green House Project was founded in 2003 by gerontologist Dr. Bill Thomas and theRobert Wood Johnson Foundation. There are currently 146 Green House homes in 22 states across the country. The six to 12 elders who live in each home enjoy private rooms and bathrooms and have the freedom to set their own daily routines. They eat home-cooked meals and socialize in common areas resembling the dining and living rooms found in any small home.

Research shows that a Green House home’s intimate layout, combined with its innovative staffing model, provides residents with four times more personal and social contact than typical nursing homes—and without additional operation costs.

Having worked at every level of long-term care, from cutting his teeth as a nurses’ aide in his earliest days to turning around struggling inner-city nursing homes as a high-level executive, Farrell knows what it takes to put the visionary principles of a model like Green House into practice. As founder and first chair of the Rhode Island Culture Change Coalition and a board member of the national Pioneer Network, Farrell has traveled the country inspiring long-term care leaders to make meaningful changes to enhance quality.

“The Green House Project represents the best in long-term care, and David embodies everything we strive for in The Green House Project,” explained Terry Simonette, President and CEO of NCB Capital Impact, which serves as the national replication and technical assistance center for The Green House Project. “I am confident that he will ensure its continued success through his strong leadership, financial acumen, and emphasis on an analytical, evidence-based approach.”

Farrell currently serves as both the Director of Organizational Development and Regional Director of Operations for Windsor Healthcare in California. In these roles, he oversees the operations of five skilled-nursing facilities and the implementation of person-centered care in 33 nursing homes across the state. Before that, he served as Care Continuum Director at Lumetra, then California’s federally-funded Quality Improvement Organization (QIO), where he led a team that significantly improved the performance of 125 skilled-nursing facilities. Farrell also chaired California’s Advancing Excellence in Nursing Homes campaign. Earlier in his career, Farrell served as the administrator at a handful of facilities around California.

He holds a master’s degree in social work with a concentration in business administration and gerontology from Boston College, a license in nursing home administration and an undergraduate degree from Stonehill College. He is co-author of the award-winning book “Meeting the Leadership Challenge in LTC: What You Do Matters,” and has co-authored numerous journal articles on quality improvement and culture change.

Farrell’s primary focus will be on pushing The Green House Project’s replication efforts to new levels of depth and breadth. He looks forward in particular to the opening of the first-ever Green House homes in California this April, which he sees as a catalyst for growth in 2013 and beyond.

“David has an impressive track record of success as a change agent and effective executive who gets results. He is a terrific choice for The Green House Project,” said Robert Jenkens, the outgoing director, who is assuming the new role of Managing Director for Aging and Independence at NCB Capital Impact. “I am confident that in David’s highly capable hands, The Green House Project will continue to deliver significantly improved outcomes for people needing nursing-home levels of care and stronger bottom lines for providers.”

Farrell emphasized the importance of growing the number of Green House homes while maintaining the integrity of the approach. “The Green House Project team has done an outstanding job,” he said. “As we continue to spread, we must find new ways to be responsive to the unique needs of individual providers and communities.”

About The Green House Project: The Green House Project, which receives significant support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is a radically new, national model for skilled-nursing care that returns control, dignity and a sense of well-being to Elders, their families and direct care staff. In The Green House model, residents receive care in small, self-contained homes organized to deliver individualized care, meaningful relationships and better direct care jobs through a self-managed team of direct care staff working in blended roles. Green House homes meet all state and federal regulatory and reimbursement criteria for skilled-nursing facilities.

About NCB Capital Impact: NCB Capital Impact helps people and communities reach their highest potential at every stage of life. As a Congressionally chartered, District of Columbia, non-profit community development finance institution, Capital Impact provides financial services and technical assistance to help make high-quality health care, healthy foods, housing, and education more accessible and attainable, and eldercare more dignified and respectful. Capital Impact has used its depth of experience, cooperative approach, and diverse network of alliances to generate over $1.7 billion in critical investments that create a high quality of life for low income people and communities.

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THE GREEN HOUSE® Project offers a model for long-term care designed to look and feel like a real home. Over the last decade Green House homes have set a new standard for quality care with a model that is both proven and practical.

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  1. kinnearjulie
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    Congratulation to Mr. Farrel. I´m sure the project is in a good hands. The Green House is a terrific project and I hope it will stay as great in the future as it is now. Now all we need is to make sure more people will get interested. However, I´m sure that will come.

  2. kyalimpa Evarist
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    Good news, congratulations David Farrell. for the appointment
    Hope you will promote the Green house of care to other parts of the world especially Uganda to improve on the welfare of the Older Persons through training of care givers.

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