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Holly Whiteside has been a life coach since 1990, was a caregiver for ten years, and has been a caregiver’s coach for five years. She is author of “The Caregiver’s Compass”, a handbook for emotional balance. Her memoir, “Exploring Hell and Other Warm Places”, shares an intimate mother/daughter caregiving story.

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  1. Patti Winker
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    “Is this post changing aging?” Yes. Ever since I heard my English teacher explain that we always use ‘he’ when the gender of the person is unknown, I have bristled at the way words define us; usually mistakenly. From that uncomfortable moment, I moved next to feeling the oppression of being called a ‘girl’ well into adulthood. Those were battles of my youth during the 60s and 70s. Now that I am older, I bristle again at words like ‘senior’ and ‘elderly.’ I couldn’t put my finger on why… that is until now. Thank you, Holly, for putting a voice to this feeling of somehow being denigrated by a label. And thank you, ChangingAging, for recognizing this marvelous writer’s comment and posting it here.

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