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Virgil Thomas is the Technical Support Guide with the Eden Alternative. His focus is on social media outreach and connecting a generation of culture change advocates. A recent graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore County, he earned a degree in Political Science with a focus in Political Philosophy. As son of Dr. Bill Thomas, Virgil grew up around the Eden Alternative and the culture change movement. Since his freshmen year of college, Virgil has been active in the blogospher, writing for a student-run blog, He has been a contributor to since 2010. When he is not at work Virgil practices Martial Arts and enjoys time with his two German Shepherds, Carter and Valor.

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  1. Morgan Simmons
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    As a student of AGNG 200 in the Erikson School of Aging,
    The idea of “Growing Up” is very stressful. Just thinking about the new responsibilities after graduation is enough to give me a migraine. Our generation lives in a world that makes higher education essential for us to make it in the working world. Higher education comes with a cost, in which scholarships and grants do not fully cover. Many of the parents of college students help support their children and often have to dip into their savings. As college students, I don’t think many of us think of the impact on our parents. The parents of college students tend to be in their 40s and 50s and are thinking about retirement. If they were proactive and made college funds for their children, chances are it was not enough to cover all expenses. College tuition and board costs are constantly rising. With these costs, they may have had to dip into retirement funds. Thankfully, there is social security right now for our parents and the baby boomers, approaching retirement age. Saving for retirement will be another stressor for our generation because most likely social security will cease to exist by the time we reach retirement age. I agree with you that there needs to be some sort of program that will help guide us through our new responsibilities and what we will encounter in life. Also, this program needs to prepare us for what may not be available for our generation in the future, so that we will prosper gracefully.

  2. Meredith Ann Rutter (@yoursinbooks)
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