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Bill is a visionary leader in the online Changing Aging movement and a world-renowned authority on geriatric medicine and eldercare. Bill is founder of two movements to reshape long-term care globally – The Eden Alternative and Green House Project.

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  1. Robyn
    Robyn at | | Reply

    In addition to Iris and Amour (both excellent films), here are a few more for your review. (Ikiru and Shower are not really caregiver-related; they’re good films about aging though).

    Away From Her

    The Savages



    These last two are documentaries. I’m sure you’ve already seen the Frontline. And perhaps also the Brave Old World? It’s primarily a website. But there are some short docs on it that are good. I discovered the site from The New Old Age blog.

    Frontline: “Living Old”

    Brave Old World
    Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

  2. stuart greenbaum
    stuart greenbaum at | | Reply

    “More Than Me” is a documentary about former SNL castmember Jim Breuer’s cross-country comedy tour with his 84-year old father along for the ride. Breuer’s introduction to caregiving was incredibly inspiring.

  3. Isabel
    Isabel at | | Reply

    Dr. Bill, The Sandwich Generation documentary reminds me of my family and is really telling of what caregiving is like, how precious a gift and how extremely tiring it can be. Even though I don’t live with my grandma now, just juggling a new baby, helping to keep her company, work and more, it is alot. But, with that said, I am so glad for the opportunity to love my grandma. =)

  4. Rayne
    Rayne at | | Reply

    Iris to me was one of the most moving depictions of Care. Recently saw the French film Amour – astounding portrayal of true, deep loving care.

  5. Karen D. Austin
    Karen D. Austin at | | Reply

    The Forgetting on PBS, which is based on the book by the same name. It follows a handful of people through various stages of Alzheimer’s.

  6. Martha Stettinius (@InsideDementia)
    Martha Stettinius (@InsideDementia) at | | Reply

    I like this short video of a mother and daughter:

    If you were looking for MEMOIRS about the unvarnished caregiving experience, I recommend several under the Resources section of my book’s website,

    –author, “Inside the Dementia Epidemic: A Daughter’s Memoir”

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