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Jill Vitale-Aussem serves as Executive Director at Christian Living Communities Clermont Park Retirement Community, an Eden Alternative-registered community in Denver, CO.

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  1. student AGING200-L
    student AGING200-L at | | Reply

    Hello this is student from Aging 200 class at Erickson School of Aging. I agree that aged people may fear the use of new technology, such as computer. But, it is true that they are learning, not to be isolated. For my mother, only function she knew was watching tv shows from internet. Now, she knows how to use online banking, read news, and web surfing. This is similar to concept I learned in the class, where aged people takes longer time to learn new things than younger people. My mother is in slow progress, but I see her improving over time.

  2. jackyork100
    jackyork100 at | | Reply

    Jill, good post. you guys have always been ahead of the technology curve…..the world is heading in this direction whether providers want to admit it or not. We see so many organizations wait for research, resident councils or a multitude of other vehicles that slow the process of implementation…

  3. Phil Willis
    Phil Willis at | | Reply

    It’s an incredible challenge, because while the benefits of seniors connecting online are enormous – so are the technological and psychological hurdles.

    It’s so important for family members to get involved and encourage their older relatives to engage with technology.

    Maybe start with a tablet instead of one of those scary “internet machines”.

    Great article.

  4. rosemary weston
    rosemary weston at | | Reply

    it is hard to learn new skills as we get older. using a computer is also learning a new language! at 72 i manage to get around reasonably well with joining in on discussions , searching for information skyping, etc. and i can see the wonderful potential there is for home bound people to use the computer to socialize and participate in tutoring via skyping for instance. i don’t think elders need to be isolated from the rest of society just because they are old.

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