First Fest

In the little space between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Jude and I are putting together a fun new project. We are calling it First Fest and it is the first edition of what we hope will become an annual Ithaca tradition.

The idea is to create an evening of music, art, theater, dance and local food and drink. One thing we have learned from our work with the Eden Alternative and Green House models of care is that big ideas often start small. This year “First Fest” consists entirely of a show we are putting on at a local venue called “Corks and More.” There will be four bands Hot Koko (that’s us), Comfort Ave., The Habits and Mosaic Foundation.

See the poster for the show HERE

Doors open at 8 pm and the music will start soon after. If you are in the Ithaca area this New Year’s Eve considering coming out to First Fest. Jude and I think it will be fun. It might also be the start of a new Ithaca tradition.

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  1. letthemeatcake8866Angel Sax
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    I hope so….Dr. Thomas., Mental and physical problems are not the only problems of aging. Lack of retirement funds is a MAJOR problem, possibly leading to the other problems….I became 78 on Halloween.. I am very in touch with my mortality; have been since I turned 70. I live in a Hud retirement community and face these aging problems every day.. I read about your lecture at Holy Cross on November 6. I was very excited to attend and also mentioned it to my friends, Unforunately my only income is social security so I cannot afford $25 for the lecrure. Since I will be unable to attend I decided to research you on the net for some information, I was pleasantly surprised..I would love to have a viewing of your documentary film here at Gateway Terrace, I was unable to pull it up on the computer. Wishing you well at Holy Cross. Should be successful since, Florida has more elders than any other state. Stay well, be happy, life is a gift…..

    peace, love, and prayers

    P.S. Mostof us elders feel like we are the forgotten, invisible generation. Thank you for seeing us……………………………………………………………………………………….

  2. Karen Overturf
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    I love this! “One thing we have learned from our work with the Eden Alternative and Green House models of care is that big ideas often start small.”

    Excellent point! Thank you for your wonderful guidance!

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