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  1. Margaret
    Margaret at | | Reply

    Thank you for my healthy reminder today as I make my way through my 60’s.

  2. Ilene Cummings
    Ilene Cummings at | | Reply

    I am blown away by the beauty of these paintings! I am in awe, really in awe. I am 81 and watch my body with fascination, as it does a dance with wisdom and deep presence. thank you, thank you–you have made my daty

  3. Juanita Crider
    Juanita Crider at | | Reply

    This is WONDERFUL!!! This is why I do the work that I do about the representations of older black females in popular culture, particularly focusing on issues of sexuality/sensuality and beauty. I am just in the beginning of my graduate school phase but things like Chapin’s work gives me life and hope!

  4. Margit novack
    Margit novack at | | Reply

    As a woman who has had bilateral mastectomies, I support all efforts that demonstrate life after surgey. I chose to have reconstruction, but many women do not. To not live to raise my children, the youngest of whom was 3 when I was diagnosed, would have been a tragedy. Living without breasts has not been.

  5. Gaea Yudron
    Gaea Yudron at | | Reply

    Those are wonderful paintings. Alice Matzkin has also done some wonderful paintings of older women

  6. Joyce
    Joyce at | | Reply

    Thank you Aleah Chapin! I don’t think this will change younger people’s thoughts about old bodies because society looks at unrealistic ideals of bodies and expects us to stay firm forever – – an impossibility. At 68, I love my body because I see no reason not to, and because it has given me so much pleasure over the years. I swim almost daily, and see young, old, skinny, fat, average, etc., and they’re all doing what they love, and that’s what matters.

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