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  1. Al Power, MD
    Al Power, MD at | | Reply

    Taking this in a slightly different direction…
    I was discussing this study the other day with writer Howard Gleckman, in particular the range of care provided in the community every day by this non-licensed group of family care partners, and bringing the concept back to the nursing home.
    Unfortunately, our regulations hobble our non-nursing staff when it comes to such activities as assistance with meals (surplus safety?). It would be nice if we could recognize that many staff members and volunteers could be enabled to safely provide some assistance through less burdensome regulatory requirements, so the onus for assistance with all daily activities doesn’t fall on the nursing staff.

    1. theresa
      theresa at | | Reply

      I totally agree, my sister in law was a c.n.a. at a nursing home, she could not even put oxygen back on residents, while at home her son had a port for cancer, which she flushed weekly with heparin, after education from St. Judes! ….Crazy?

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