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Through no fault of his own, Bruce is a baby boomer. He has navigated a career that includes journalism, military service, an advanced business degree, market research and geriatric care management.

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  1. Simone Royster
    Simone Royster at | | Reply

    Hi I am a student in Aging 200 at the Erickson School of Aging. I agree that this post is helping to change aging because of the idea that the best way to help America from problems the baby boom generation has helped to create is to have the baby boomers fix it. I think that this idea is a reasonable one because since there are so many boomers if they help to fix problems like social security it will get fixed faster then leaving their grandchildren to have to pay off the debt.

  2. Phil
    Phil at | | Reply

    The only way Boomers can save the rest of us from the Boomers is to exit. Exit the work force, exit the public sphere, exit the world of conspicuous consumption, and make room for people who actually know what they’re doing. It’s great you understand you’re the problem, but you’re the problem because of flawed logic, childish behavior, and an inability to analyze risk in a realistic way. It’s time to pack it in, admit failure, and get out of the way. Trust me, this is the way you will be most fondly appreciated after all you’ve put the rest of us through.

  3. Karen Bringle
    Karen Bringle at | | Reply

    As one who “had the foresight” to turn 65 last year I am with you, Bruce. You make a good deal of sense. You are also so witty that it almost distracted me from the profundity of your assertions.

  4. Kris Orluck
    Kris Orluck at | | Reply

    As a boomer (and on the younger edge of the group) I agree! The conversation has to happen, and we need to be willing to change and adapt. Common Good is gone from our Nation’s conversation, and I challenge us boomers to bring it back into focus!

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