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Christina Pierpaoli is a Killam Fellow at the University of Toronto examining healthy aging among HIV-positive Canadian elderly. Christina plans to continue researching at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute for Child Health & Human Development and enter her final year at American University, where she is a double major in psychology and public health. She is particularly interested in aging and life span development.

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  1. Loa-Aog Knightwriter
    Loa-Aog Knightwriter at | | Reply

    lemme say with great pride I still put young bloods to shame on the floor

  2. rosemary weston
    rosemary weston at | | Reply

    baby boomers only go back to 1944, so all of us older people don’t fit that definition, but i do think we have more important priorities than worrying about what others think…so we can relax and enjoy our lives

  3. Mindy Mitchell
    Mindy Mitchell at | | Reply

    I took up the Carolina Shag two years ago and ended up dancing with the love of my life…at 60:

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