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I am a photographer who is drawn to finding beauty in all the unsuspecting places and documenting that beauty, hoping to contribute something beautiful and meaningful to this universe. My work (Beauty and Wisdom) will be shown in Boston at the Griffin Museum of Photography this March, 2014.

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  1. Erika Schmidt
    Erika Schmidt at | | Reply

    Hi, as a women student enrolled in Aging 200 at the Erickson School of Aging I have an interest in the again of women. I find it interesting that the video followed a group of women in their weekly ritual of going to the hairdresser. These women go partially for beauty, but more often because it’s their place to socialize. I do believe that this is their way of staying youthful and in touch with their vivacious younger years. In last weeks discussion we learned about “crystallized intelligence,” which is intelligence gained by experiences, skills, and knowledge. These women may be again, but their crystallized intelligence stays intact. The beauty parlor is the perfect place for younger generations to learn from the women in the salon.

    1. robbiekaye
      robbiekaye at | | Reply

      Wonderfully said… yes, the salon could very well be a place to bridge some of those gaps!

  2. Lacy Gaynor Ohnstad
    Lacy Gaynor Ohnstad at | | Reply

    I am an AGNG 200 student at the Ericson School of Aging. I appreciate that you have captured the elderly women at beauty shops. The weekly beauty shop ritual where the ladies are the focus seems like it could help ward off depression. Through standing appointments every week the elderly ladies build a relationship with stylists. Clients tend to use stylists as an emotional outlet to talk to someone about the stress of her daily life as informal counseling. They tell stories of how the town has changed sharing their oral history with the stylists and other clientele.
    My sister is a stylist and she’s spoken about how her elderly clientele have planned financially to have the hair appointment as part of the retirement budget. A retired school teacher put money aside years ago to be able to treat herself. One of her clients had a hurt shoulder and she comes in once or twice a week to still look nice even though she’s unable to raise her arm. The stylist is a component in the elderly ladies’ continuum of care. The support system is vital to the well-being for elderly to maintain their independence.

    1. robbiekaye
      robbiekaye at | | Reply

      I agree, the commitment to their self-care is incredible and thought of as a given..and the relationship between stylist and client… sacred. Thank you!

  3. Student
    Student at | | Reply

    Firstly i am an AGNG student at the erickson school of aging and i have to say i am really pleased with this post because not only that it relates to my field of study but just how vastly important it is for people and society to start paying much more proper attention to beauty and most importantly wisdom that these vibrant women possess. It shows being old isnt weak as society and youth often showcase it, but rather extremely helpful to society in spreading wisdom especially to the youth and to also remind people that these women also want the finer in things in life and were once young themselves.

    1. robbiekaye
      robbiekaye at | | Reply

      Thank you. Yes, wouldn’t it be great to get these women on billboards?!?

  4. Student
    Student at | | Reply

    I am an AGNG 200 student at the Erickson School of Aging and I found this entry to be an eye opener and bluntly, beautiful. I believe a woman at any age is astonishing and deserves to be seen as such. Looking great is part of feeling great, and leads to happier women, an increased locus of control and diminishes the social hierarchy of age and expected social roles, leading to an overall more confident woman. These women should not be ignored, but rather set an example that you are beautiful no matter what your age, and that it’s not just a “young people” thing.

    1. robbiekaye
      robbiekaye at | | Reply

      Thank you.

  5. Deborah Talley
    Deborah Talley at | | Reply

    Outstanding! When we can embrace and honor who we are we love ourselves. As we practice honoring ourselves we can do the same with others. Thank you Robbie for helping all of us to see these “invisible women”, and as we are blessed to live longer ourselves as beautiful and wise.
    “Lighting the path to loving your neighbor as yourself.”

    1. robbiekaye
      robbiekaye at | | Reply

      Thank YOU, for sharing your beauty and wisdom!

  6. Amy Blitchok
    Amy Blitchok at | | Reply

    I am guessing that you are familiar with his work, but I though I would mention just in case. Ari Seth Cohen has been working on a similar project that documents the style sense of older New Yorkers. His subject’s philosophical outlooks on style, fashion, and simply looking good are endlessly intriguing.

    1. robbiekaye
      robbiekaye at | | Reply

      Yes! I love Ari’s work and as a former New York really enjoy it. He’s definitely part of the collective consciousness that is occurring in regard to aging and the perception of it.

  7. Lizelle van Wyk
    Lizelle van Wyk at | | Reply

    incredible! Just shows you, we spend hundreds to thousands of rands, dollars, pounds, euros, whatever, on taking care of ourselves when we are young and upcoming and impressing the who,s who in the zoos! Why stop when we get to a certain age???? When i drop down dead, I want to be at my most beautiful, no matter what time of the day it is! Yeah, yeah, beauty comes within in, I agree! But damnest, have a heart! Think about the undertaker for one minute, I don’t want to send him to his grave when having to see me without make up and silicone!!!!

  8. Betsy Sprouse
    Betsy Sprouse at | | Reply

    “Lively crones?” Seriously? I don’t see how language like this advances a new and improved image of aging.

  9. Robbie Kaye
    Robbie Kaye at | | Reply

    Thank you for sharing my work. Changing aging together! Robbie

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