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Virgil Thomas is the Technical Support Guide with the Eden Alternative. His focus is on social media outreach and connecting a generation of culture change advocates. A recent graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore County, he earned a degree in Political Science with a focus in Political Philosophy. As son of Dr. Bill Thomas, Virgil grew up around the Eden Alternative and the culture change movement. Since his freshmen year of college, Virgil has been active in the blogospher, writing for a student-run blog, He has been a contributor to since 2010. When he is not at work Virgil practices Martial Arts and enjoys time with his two German Shepherds, Carter and Valor.

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  1. theresa
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    I live in Arkansas, we have very little mass transit! It is similar to walking in a nursing home and seeing some of the most beautiful people sitting in the hall and people just walking past, trying to get the work done! I have been stopped in my tracks by a resident singing or laughing, but many continue to walk on to finish their tasks. But their are many who stop and sing with the person, they are the ones, who see true beauty.

  2. margiehalsell
    margiehalsell at | | Reply

    I agree with second opinion, people as just plain in a hurry in that venue but I must say that while walking from my hotel to the Denver Eden International conference hotel I was swept away by the piono playing beauty coming from the hands of a young and was late to the evening party. Remember the funky pianos in the middle of the walkways? I asked this young man if he played professionally and he said no, that he had learned as a child and then continues to play by ear. I gave him the rest of my spending money for that trip as a thank you for sharing his talent. Yes, Tom you are always changing aging because it is in your heart, blood, mind and soul.

  3. iggy fanlo
    iggy fanlo at | | Reply

    Fantastic insight. The question is the action item. How do we make real change happen?

  4. Kavan Peterson, Editor,
    Kavan Peterson, Editor, at | | Reply

    Omg. The WAPO story did a number on me, I literally choked up. I am a one-in-a-thousand person who loves classical music, but the realization that I very likely would have kept walking is extremely painful. I wonder what it will take to get people to wake up to the fact they are walking right past the beauty of aging.

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