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  1. Ishrath
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    I’d love to see the artwork/ mural photo.

  2. John Robinson
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    I love what this art therapist did! She gave elders an opportunity to reveal an intuitive awareness/perception of the divine world – a spontaneous depiction of Eden itself. As one who studies and writes about the spiritual and mystical dimensions of aging, I have come to believe that the many losses and simplifications of the aging process implicitly allow us to release beliefs and identifications from the middle years, like cleaning a dirty window. As these filters are lifted, we begin to see the world anew – as a young child sees it – and what we suddenly (or gradually) discover is that it is infinitely beautiful, precious, and astounding just as it is. We were too busy and belief-ridden before to stop and really look. This perception of Eden has been described by the mystics from every era and religion – what I find amazing is that our new unprecedented longevity now gives us so much more time to “cleans the doors of perception” and see it! Thank you for this illustration of one of the great gifts of aging. Warm regards, John

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