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Bill is a visionary leader in the online Changing Aging movement and a world-renowned authority on geriatric medicine and eldercare. Bill is founder of two movements to reshape long-term care globally – The Eden Alternative and Green House Project.

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  1. Sarah Scott
    Sarah Scott at | | Reply

    Finally, a constructive diagnosis/prescription relating to ageism, community, and society. Everyone should read this, whether they are part of a care/partner team or not. The Eden philosophy is respectful, practical, and inspirational at all ends of the age spectrum

  2. Amy Blitchok
    Amy Blitchok at | | Reply

    A great presentation. I hope others take the time to watch, read, and learn.

  3. Allison
    Allison at | | Reply

    This Prezi was incedible. I work with a large health insurance company who is interested in changing the culture of aging. Your blog truly is…..its just wonderful. Thank you.

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