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  1. Inchmarlo
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    Aging is about embracing who you are. Thanks for the post it was interesting reading.

  2. athryn Houslet
    athryn Houslet at | | Reply

    Aging is changing for me because I am changing the way I look at aging (being a state of mind). Just wondering at what age are we old? I think it must be about 15 years older than I am (87). When I was a teen ager I was told I could have a new freedom for each responsibility I took over. Just as a baby is totaly cared for but cannot make any decisions for himself. Now I have full resposibility for myself so also total freedom to do as I wish when I wish. Not a bad trade.

  3. Judith
    Judith at | | Reply

    You said a lot of what I’ve been thinking and thinking of writing about, so now I can just post links to this. Thank you! Especially for that part about how we’re portrayed in the media and by politicians.

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