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  1. Alison
    Alison at | | Reply

    Hi, I’m an AGNG 200 student at the Erickson School of Aging. I love this post. As an avid motorcycle rider since the age of 16, I adore the idea of sharing the experience with anyone. As others have stated, I was disturbed at the lack of safety gear, as I have found the road doesn’t care whether or not you are wearing armor, but I have found through rallies I have attended masses of motorcyclists tend to create a much safer driving/riding environment.
    In class we have talked about bridging the gap between elders and the younger generations. Having an elderly as a pillion would be an incredible way for the hot shot younger generation(s) to share a love and passion for the joy of riding a motorcycle.

  2. David
    David at | | Reply

    I am currently an Aging 200 student from the Erickson School of Aging and I have to say that your mother definitely came up with an amazing event. The first time i rode a motorcycle i recall it being a very great experience filled with sheer joy and I can imagine the elderly having a very similar experience whether it be their first or hundredth time on a motorcycle. The “surplus safety” issue brings up a good point as I can imagine it can make life less enjoyable for the elderly as they are limited to what they can do but I am glad your mother saw the benefits of “Sturgis Days” that helps give the elderly something to look forward to and talk about throughout the year.

  3. Sally Abrahms
    Sally Abrahms at | | Reply

    Love the idea. Original! Just wondering where the safety helmets are! Also love that it’s your mother who came up with the plan.

  4. Madeleine Kolb
    Madeleine Kolb at | | Reply

    It looks as it everyone is having a great time. And it’s true that the surplus safety mentality–which is driven by concern about liability–tends to suck much of the joy out of life. However, I was disturbed to see so many people driving or riding without helmets.

    I exercise nearly every day on a nearby trail and am appalled to see many riders without a helmet. Most of them are young men who think they’re invincible. But last week I saw a group of seniors and a child of about 6 riding together, and none of them was wearing a helmet. Meanwhile riders with helmets are whizzing past at fairly high speed.

  5. margitnovack
    margitnovack at | | Reply

    I love the idea of Bubbie Bikers. How better to illustrate that aging is still a time of growing, trying new things and having adventures.

  6. Paul Falkowski
    Paul Falkowski at | | Reply

    Nice! We have a motorcycle group here in Omaha that visits nursing homes. There’s nothing more stunning than to pull up to a nursing home with a dozen or so Harley’s parked out front.

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