A Catalyst for Significant Social Change

Want a look at how The Green House Project got launched? It wouldn’t have happened without backing from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and their willingness to test a radical new idea presented to them by Dr. Bill Thomas.

Bill’s idea was radical but simple — move elders into a home in their community that can provide the same quality of care (or better!) as a skilled nursing home at the same cost.

The intent was never to convert every nursing home in the country into a “Green House”, explained Jane Isaacs Lowe, senior program advisor at RWJF in a new video exploring the origins of The Green House Project. The goal has been “to use this model as a catalyst for significant social change.”

“What we look for is those ideas that are going to transform a field, that create the impetus for significant change. It’s really about major significant change in how we think about and care for older adults,” Lowe said.

Check out the video below — RWJF is all about changing aging and we love!

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  1. Martha Stettinius (@InsideDementia)

    As a former dementia care partner, I found this video, like all Green House videos, very moving. I think other videos about the Green House Project do a better job, though, of explaining just how Green Houses are different from conventional nursing homes. The scenes in this video are not that different from my mother’s experiences in her memory care assisted living facility. But Green Houses are light years ahead of most memory care facilities, in terms of the empowerment, satisfaction and happiness of both residents and staff. What I appreciated most about this video was its explanation of why RWJF came to back the project, something I hadn’t known before. Good job with that.
    –author, “Inside the Dementia Epidemic: A Daughter’s Memoir”

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