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  1. Karen Rosin
    Karen Rosin at | | Reply

    Wow Marcie. You go girl! You are right on, I too am hoping there will be younger folk around when I am 85 who will help me learn how to “beam up” and use all the other amazing capabilities in store for us.

  2. Peggy Bollinger
    Peggy Bollinger at | | Reply

    I think this is wonderful Marcie!! I too believe that there is such an ageist attitude, not only among the 20somethings but even up to the 50-60somethings. This age group is NOT stupid
    ! They are the wisest among us and should be treated with dignity and respect and revered for what they know not discounted for what they do not. I also am trying to help people in elder communities connect via social media and would love to talk with you sometime. I can be reached at if you have time to chat.

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