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  1. Ms. Dale Goodloe
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    No, I don’t think it has changed aging. Seniors continue to be the “throw-away” generation. Medicare used to be a lifeline for those of us who couldn’t afford healthcare. Now the better doctors won’t accept Medicare patients and we’re denied adequate medical care.

    Who speaks for us? Certainly not AARP. So many of us who worked all of our lives don’t have adequate money now to even pay for our prescriptions, much less our day to day living expenses. We have no way to increase our incomes. Who cares about that? Who advocates for us?

    My feeling is that “Changing Aging” is more of a philosophical glance at aging with no real solutions.

  2. Della Evans
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    I have been for sometime giving this a lot of thought–and I think most of us over 60 would like to tell our children to back up— “Just leave us kids alone” (70’s) song ; well now that we are 30 years older–long story short is that if you are reasonably healthy the # of yrs. matters very little. Life is full of changes — meet them as new challanges— donot think or get paranoid because we forgot why we went into the next room; maybe it was a polite way of not saying –shut up child; you bore me & I do not need you to tell me there is dust on the tv; I simply do not care & leave if you do not like the way I keep my house..I would not dream of telling you the same thing.. I expect more respect I could most likley write a book on this subject as I am currently a mind to do so.!! I do not mean to offend you personaly; am sure you have our best interest in mind.. Sincerely 4everblugenes 47

    1. Ms. Dale Goodloe
      Ms. Dale Goodloe at | | Reply

      Why don’t you suggest they help you out and clean your house once a month?

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